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What are User Experience & User Interface Designers

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UX and UI Design is no teddy bear!


One of the most confusing aspects of understanding something in a field you have no previous knowledge in is comprehending the jargon. In the Tech world, there are two positions that are foundational to software, website, and app design and development. Those positions are User Experience and User Interface Designers. To make things a little more difficult, when it comes to web design and development, these two fields often cross job descriptions and responsibilities much like full stack developers cross between web design and development.


A UX Designer is concerned with the usefulness, usability of, and enjoyableness of a site When a web page loads efficiently, all of the buttons, graphics and media work correctly, as well as payments, schedulers, booking, appointments, transfers, etc. work, that is thanks to a User Experience Designer (UX). This position is a lot like a Backend Developer, or Web Developer. The job of UX is considerably more blurred than that, however. UX Designers are involved in product research, creating personas, information architecture, wireframes, prototyping, and product testing. If you would like go deeper into UX read more about it HERE.


UI Design is concerned with the cosmetic look of the website. How well is the site presented; the colors, feel, button layout, movement, etc. are what a UI Designer focuses on. This is not just for visual appeal. A UI Designer uses design to aid the users to move from one thing to another easily and fluidly. When an app or website is easy to navigate, takes almost no learning to move from one page or section to another, that comes from a good UI Designer. Take Amazon for instance. You search the site or app and find the best price for a brand new TV you've been pinning for. The process of buying the item is very quick. If your information is in the system, you can click the "buy now" button and after confirming, the TV will be on its way. That process took 2 clicks. This is by design. On the other hand, if after putting the TV in your cart it took 14 clicks to buy that item, you probably wouldn't use Amazon. The convenience of Amazon is their most important selling feature. This is thanks to really smart and efficient UI Designers. If you would like go deeper into UI read more about it HERE.

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