• Clay Gilbert

What is Website Design & Development

What is the difference between website design and website development?

There is quite a bit actually! Think of an artist whose focus is on designing cars. They will sketch out a design, render it on a computer program, add color, a background, and intricate details. They might even create a 3-D clay model to bring it to life. Now imagine a mechanic. Their role is completely different than a designer. The mechanic fixes the car. They maintain and fine tune aspects of a car so that it runs at an optimal condition.

The designer and mechanic both work on cars, but what they do to cars and how they effect the car industry are completely different.

Like the wings of an airplane, web design and web development both have very important roles.

WEB DEVELOPERS do just that, they develop. They write the code that creates the sites that we surf.

WEB DESIGNERS design what the site will look like.


Web developers write the code that creates the site. Think of a mechanic. They know the inter-workings (or code) that needs to be written to create a site that is functional, looks good, and is fast. They speak coding languages specifically used to create websites like HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT. Developers also know other languages like JAVA, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, and many others to create the backend of sites. 

In this case, the backend of a website is more like the brain of the site, not the butt! The back-end of a site would be the engine, battery, cables, etc of the site. It contains the things that are never really seen but are used and definitely make things work. When you place an order on Amazon, you click the buy now button, you are using code written in JAVA that connects what you want with their warehouses, your bank, and many other services.

Backend is the server side of the web. Think of the movie Wreck it Ralph. When Ralph would leave his game and walk around in the common area with all the other characters, that is the backend. When a web page loads efficiently, all of the buttons, graphics and media work correctly, as well as payments, schedulers, booking, appointments, or transfers, etc, that is due to a Backend Developer, or Web Developer. Web Developer's are usually more analytical, engineer types. They create the brain behind everything that the user does on the FRONTEND.


The frontend is mostly the Web Designers forte or specialty. It is primarily the client side of the web page. When you experience a beautiful website that is functional and easy to navigate that

is thanks to a web designer. Frontend is the way things look and feel. It is more of the graphics and design aspect of a site. Is there a button? Does something slide or enlarge? That element was probably commissioned by the web designer to be built by the web developer.


Full Stack Developers are both web designers and developers embodied in one person. They have both an eye for design and the coding knowledge expertise to create the frontend and backend aspects of web pages. Obviously, full stack developers are generally more efficient than two separate individuals. Working in a team is beneficial but not always the most efficient. Because of the differences in the job often times by nature, full stack developers might not be as strong designers as they are developers or vice versa. It really just depends on the individual. If you want to learn more about Frontend, Backend and Full Stack Developers click HERE.


There are many different aspects to creating an efficient, appealing website. Not to mention a lot of jargon and job titles. Whether you do it yourself, hire a full stack developer, or a team with designers and developers, the goal is the same, create an attractive and engaging digital website that gives you a digital voice!

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